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Swallow Yachts Whisper 300

Introducing the new Whisper 300

The new Whisper 300 is a beautiful yacht for people who want something different. Quieter, more efficient and created more sustainably, Whisper Yachts exude understated grace and class, while treading more lightly on our environment.

Designed for a more sustainable future she is built almost entirely from nature’s finest carbon fibre: wood. Wood helps dampen noise while creating a lighter, stronger boat that needs less power to plane. Good news for the environment and your pocket.

In fact, the Whisper 300 needs just two 70HP engines to achieve speeds of 26 knots while burning far less fuel than comparable craft.  The twin outboard engines are cleverly concealed under a soundproofed cover, meaning that engine noise is minimised and cruising under motor is a pleasure.

Featuring a large, sociable cockpit with hardtop shelter, the Whisper 300 has been designed for the important job of long lazy days on the water with friends and family. There is ample weekending room in the cabin below, which features a double berth and private heads, and two more can sleep under the hardtop with the saloon table dropped. Her galley is compact but has everything you need including dedicated drinks storage and fridge.

Coming from a sailing background, and boating from the difficult and remote coastline of West Wales, it was natural to designer Matt Newland, to focus on a twin engine configuration. This division of systems extends to the fuel tanks, filters, batteries and all other engine support functions, ensuring reliability is put first and foremost. It is not the cheapest way, but it gives peace of mind when you might depend on it.

Swallow Yachts Whisper 300


Wood. Everyone loves the idea of it. It’s warm to the touch, looks incredible and conveys a romantic charm that nothing can match. Best of all if the wood is sustainably sourced, trees are the ultimate carbon capture machines – wood is literally carbon sucked from the air.

What About Maintenance?

Traditional wooden boats can need a lot of looking after, but the Whisper is definitely not a traditional wooden boat. She has been built with an innovative combination of modern epoxies and pre-treated timber. Additionally, all structural timbers are saturated in epoxy and the whole monocoque construction is glued together with no seams or mechanical fasteners. Below the water line she is completely sheathed in a glass fibre and epoxy, so she essentially behaves like a GRP boat. Maintenance is only needed for external varnish, so we keep this to a minimum and ensure it’s all protected by the cockpit enclosure. It’s a well proven construction method that’s been cleverly adapted to take advantage of computer controlled manufacturing techniques – a signature innovation and a guarantee of exclusivity.

Swallow Yachts Whisper 300


There are not many wooden boat builders in the world. Glassfibre Reinfoced Plastic (GRP) rapidly took off in the 1970s, reducing prices and boasting of zero maintenance. Most boatbuilders switched over, or went bust. But many things have changed since then, though the industry has been slow to realise it. Swallow believe that modern materials and timber treatments, advances in computer aided manufacturing (beyond the means of even the largest boatbuilders back then) and growing environmental concerns, mean that wood is ripe for a comeback.

GRP is notoriously difficult to recycle – no one has yet come close to a commercially viable process and our estuaries, creeks and harbours the world over are slowly filling up with end of life boats no one wants, that will never ever rot. It’s a problem that is getting worse.

The Whisper does things differently. No one likes to think about it but 50, maybe 70 years from now, it’s likely no one will want her. If she’s neglected enough, she will eventually rot down, but being wood she is much easier to cut up than GRP, and therefore dispose of in either incineration or biomass chipping plants. Glass fibre will still be sitting in landfill 1000 years from now.

The wood hull of the Whisper 300 is strong but light. At the waterline she is longer and slightly narrower than normal, making her easily powered (ideal in fact, for conversion to electric when batteries and charging infrastructure improve). This means smaller, lighter engines and less fuel burn.

Her environmental credentials go right down to details such as timber choices (for instance cork decks instead of teak) solar panels to avoid the need for shore power, and even an optional rainwater recycling system to keep the fresh water flushing toilet independent of shore filling. 

The Details


Draft (engines up)0.45m
Draft (engines down)0.7m
Fuel Tanks2x 120 litres
Water70 litres
Top Speed26 knots
Range (@20 knots)150 nm


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Whisper 300

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