We’re sure you can see from the changes to our website and you may have heard the news on social media but if not then we are pleased to let you know that we have now established ourselves as Swallow Yachts.

Ten years after taking the company on, Matt Newland and our dedicated team have developed a range of boats that combine classic looks with modern performance. Our product range has steadily grown and with the 2015 Southampton Boat Show launch of our new GRP BayCruiser 26, we felt that the name change reflects what we do.

Our objective at Swallow Yachts is, as it always has been, to produce versatile, high-performing and attractive day craft and yachts for customers world-wide.

Swallow Yachts will carry on in the same manner that has served us and our customers well up until now – by designing popular boats that are built with your requirements in mind from the outset.

It’s the same great team building to the same great standards, so you know you can expect the best quality and service… and we have lots more exciting product developments in the pipeline and look forward to bringing them to market over the next few years so keep watching this space!

Meanwhile we would be really grateful if you could bear with us while we transition the techie side of things over in case there are any glitches, but with the fabulous people who have been supporting the technical side of this change, we anticipate things running pretty smoothly.  Please do contact us by telephone 01239 615 482 to tell us if you get any difficulties using the website or getting in touch by email or via the site, and we’ll get things set right straight away.