Photos of this year’s English Raid can be seen here……/80529710@N…/sets/72157658489964589/
and here….
Many thanks to BayRaider 20 owner Graham, and to the Henley Whalers too for sharing these!

Raiding is suited to a wide range of designs and abilities, and Swallows are perfectly suited to the concept of coastal voyaging in the company of a range of boats of different types and sizes, usually in attractive locations, using only sail and oar. As different boats (and people!) have different strengths, these fun and friendly events really encourage the crew to strive to get the very best from their own abilities and their boats.

Swallows have a bit of a tradition of enjoying (and doing well at!) the English Raid, which runs annually.

You can learn more about Raiding, and about the English Raid in particular, here.