Swallow Boats Raid 2015 – Falmouth


Current entries:


  Skipper Boat Name Boat Type
1 Alison Kidd Boadicea Storm 17
2 Anthony Huggett Emily BayRaider 17
3 James Lowden Tarika BayRaider 17
4 Tony Langmead Four Sisters Cardigan Bay Lugger
5 Bill Rollo Askari BayRaider 20
6 Graham Wickenden Turaco III BayRaider 20
7 John Westoby Ella BayRaider 20
8 Matt Newland BayRaider 20
9 Matthew Peacock Gladys BayRaider 20
10 Richard Walkerley Ula BayRaider 20
11 Tim Riley Ristie BayRaider 20
12 Varley Bullard Pipsqueak BayRaider 20
13 David Dullaway BayRaider expedition
14 David Hudson Amy Eleanor BayRaider expedition
15 Helen Ash Skylark BayRaider expedition
16 John Harrison Morgi Glas BayRaider expedition
17 Nick Peters Castaway BayRaider expedition
18 Reg Barker Alice Amy BayRaider expedition
19 Rory Clarke Gobhlan-Goaithe BayRaider expedition
20 Julian Swindell Daisy Grace BayCruiser 20
21 Paul Ballard Limosa BayCruiser 20
22 Andy Dingle Equinox BayCruiser 23
23 Dudley West BayCruiser 23
24 Rob Johnstone Vagabond BayCruiser 23
25 Basil Papadimitriou Muddy Waters BayCruiser 26


If you are bringing your boat to the Raid and are looking for crew, or are just happy to have some extra willing hands on board, the following people would like to do some crewing:


Ken Goodman and Anne Biggs (Tuesday and Wednesday only).

John Hubbard.


Drop a line to events@swallowboats.com if you’ve got some space and we’ll put you in touch.