A message from Swallow owner Alistair Lawson about a super event he and Nick Orchard are planning for the summer.  Please get in touch with Alistair directly with enquiries and expressions of interest (details below)


One Swallow may not make a Summer but you may get lucky with a flight in 2021!


We are looking to put together, if we are allowed by the current restrictions, a Summer South West Coast cruise for the bigger Swallow Yachts, (BC23s, BC26s & Coast 250s) but any and all Swallows could join in if they wish.


We would be looking to put together information on useful slipways, potential berths and dates/times, between Chichester and Falmouth along the way so that anyone could join or leave as they wish, but with a mix of passages in company and day trips from fixed points. Basically, as those who want to take part wish it.


Many will be familiar with the sailing opportunities of The Solent, Poole Bay, Lyme Bay, Torbay and all points West. We certainly aren’t suggesting that grandma suck eggs our way, but sometimes it is helpful when negotiating new waters to know there are others with you.


It would not be a race, but there may be opportunities along the way for those who are that way inclined, depending on stopovers.


Nick Orchard and I will be collating and putting together the event if there is sufficient interest.


If you are interested in taking part, please contact Alistair Conquer (Iris) lawson_conquer@mac.com