We are really pleased to share some exciting news with you!


Whilst reviewing our overall business plan we have taken your feedback very seriously. There’s a clear message for us that a sense of community is really important to the majority of Swallow owners; something, which can be overlooked when owning a large production boat.

The Swallow community that has built up over the years is really important to us too; as many of you will already know, we have hosted a Swallow ‘Raid’ at Mylor, Falmouth since 2015, to bring owners together for  lightly competitive sailing (or just fun cruising) and socialising. This event has given us all a really great experience of sailing in the company of other Swallows. The event has been continuously over subscribed ever since it started, much to the disappointment of potential Raiders!

Sadly, despite our best efforts, we had to cancel both the 2020 and 2021 events due to Covid 19. However this has given us the time and space to review the format and look at how we can bring this type of event to more owners, many who haven’t been able to attend the Mylor Raid due to the timing and location.

We want our owners to be able to get the most out of the fantastic opportunities that sailing in a fleet of trailable boats has to offer. Therefore as part of our plan to make owning a Swallow even more enjoyable, we have decided to create an events calendar to host Raids throughout the UK and hopefully (in time) beyond. By bringing the Swallow Yachts community together at different times and places throughout the year it will give more of our owners the chance to share sailing experiences and explore the country, visiting venues that otherwise may have remained undiscovered.

Part of our investment in this area of the business is the appointment of Sue Milne, who will be joining the Swallow Yachts team as Events Manager. Sue will be working closely with Lara to understand the Swallow  Yachts ethos and develop the plan to roll out a calendar of Raids over the next couple of years. Sue will be your main point of contact for all events.

We will be hosting a south coast Raid later this year so stand by for dates and location to be announced soon. In the meantime if you are interested in being kept up to date with future Swallow events please contact Sue via email on events@swallowyachts.com